Skin needling can be explained by tiny needle punctures that are made through the outermost layer of the skin to create microscopic breaks in the blood vessels immediately below the level of the epidermis. This stimulates the release of blood platelets which release a series of growth factors and inititates the wound healing process.

Skin needling has been scientifically proven to work with the skin’s natural functions to stimulate regeneration leading to an improved appearance of the skin.

To achieve maximum results with skin regeneration the epidermis is kept intact at all times to encourage the synthesis of natural collagen and elastin and to stimulate the release of the body’s own skin related growth factors.

Medical needling is performed by trained skin care professionals under topical anaesthetic to make the procedure more comfortable. Skin should be prepared with vitamins A, C and E prior to needling in order to get the best results.

Medical needling can help to reduce scarring and improve elasticity and thickness of the skin by stimulating the body’s own repair response’ increasing the production of natural collagen and important growth factors.

Medical needling is safe to perform on all skin types and all ages. The healing period is minimal with redness experienced for 1-2 days following the procedure.

A minimum course of six medical needling treatments is recommended for best results. Your trained Environ therapist will advise you on the recommended frequency of treatments.

Maximum benefits may be achieved through the complimentary treatments using the Ionzyme DF machine in combination with recommended home care.