Life can get stressful without worrying about the pursuit of beauty bringing you discomfort.

That’s why our services are about well being and relaxation as much as beautification.

We offer the following:

Facial Treatments

A collection of luxurious facial treatments delivered with your unique skin type in mind as determined by the professional skin diagnosis we provide beforehand. This ensures that your skin’s needs are well met.


This safe and non-invasive treatment offers the unmatched exfoliation  of microdermabrasion technology in a gentler, crystal-free format for noticeably smoother, fresher and cleaner skin.

DF Machine

The Ionzyme DF II Machine allows active molecules to enter the skin more deeply which improves the look of various types of damage including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and scars. This evens out the skin tone and gives a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Skin Needling

This non-surgical procedure encourages your skin to increase its own production of collagen as a result of the insertion of very fine needles at various points. The increased collagen results in more supple skin and can reduce the appearance of most types of scars.

IPL Hair Removal

By targeting the melanin in the hair shaft with a specific wavelength of light, this process can destroy individual follicles without harming skin. As a result the hair never regrows and a smooth look is easy to obtain and maintain.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photorejuvenation or intense Pulsed Light therapy delivers light to the skin to break down excess melanin in specific areas like age spots that result from sunlight overexposure.

Electrolysis & Diathermy

Electrolysis offers semi-permanent hair removal through the application of heat to the follicle. It may become permanent over multiple sessions.


With the skilled application of warm wax, we can offer smooth and stubble free hair removal with a slower regrowth rate.

Ready to embrace more beauty and radiance? Come in and we’ll chat about your options!